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SoftGrid is dead! Long live App-V!

SoftGrid is no more. Microsoft has officially announced that the new name of the technology formally known as “SoftGrid” will henceforth be known as App-V. Well, at least until they decide to call it something else. (I’m looking at you, BDD/MS Deployment/MDT.)

The good folks in Redmond have called upon us “old-timers” to break the “SoftGrid” habit, and to get on board the App-V train. For reals this time.

Oh, and we’ve heard some really interesting news about SCCM R2 and SoftGrid – DANGIT – App-V integration today. Some things that are kind of game changing, and not all in a good way (from at least this old-timer’s POV.)

I’ve got a deadline tonight on a App-V Load Balancing question, and so I would ask that y’all stay tuned, and tonight, in the mirror, practice along with me, Candyman style:

“App-V. App-V. App-V.”