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Sunrises and Sunsets

Hard to believe that so many people in the world  simply sleep through sunrise or miss sunsets completely missing them.   

One of my favorite things to do is to wake wake up early and catch the sunrise.  Although I enjoy sunsets, and I try to notice them every day, I am partial to sunrises..  My wife is partial to sunsets, because she prefers to wake up later ..   I am especially fond of sunrises near the water, in the east coast.  or Atlantic ocean.     For me, some of the best sunsets, are those that I see from a plane , 34,000 miles up in the air.

Like most of us, I have taken many pictures of sunrises and sunsets over the years.   When I see one that is worthy I try to stop whatever I am doing take a picture and then enjoy it.. I’ve seen some excellent pictures that capture the essence of it, but just being there living the moment is just what the soul needs!

There is a movie – with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan –  City of Angels, which   depict  the angels at dawn, every morning, contemplating the sunrise and listening to “celestial music”. 

I’ve had this love with sunrises all of my live., and I swear I can hear the sun coming over the horizon, waking up and getting ready to provide for the day…   It is not “celestial music” but they are music notes for sure.


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