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Trail Walking Hazards


Gartner Snake

Funny story about the outdoors.    My wife and I were walking on a popular trail around our town.  I was behind her to let her pass a narrow portion when, out of the corner of my eye,   I noticed a movement by her foot.  Almost immediately and   suddenly something jumped and was coming at me in the air. Fortunately I move and it passes me by.  Not knowing what it was, my heart beat went up considerably, and then I notice what it was.

I know she would freak out, so I carefully and comely, I said, “watch out / look there is snake there”.. My wife, thinking I was joking, turns with what it seem a smile, and says: “Did it bite you?”    I then point at it and tell her she stepped on it… After she saw it and realized it was real, she looked at the soul of her shoe!!  (do not ask me why!)

My heart still beating at double rate, the snake just laid there still.  I took the picture. Then I begin to think, poor thing I probably scare it, and is recovering.   Wonder what type of snake is it.  It seems very docile. 

I go to Facebook, and I post the picture asking neighbors to identify the snake. Couple of the comments I got are funny:

“It’s a garden snake, it can only hurt if you choke on it”.

“Yep that is a garter snake. They are harmless! Fun to catch and keep as pets too! They just poop all over you when you try to do it”

However I will never forget my wife’s grin/smile when she turned back at me.  (feeling loved)

Looking back, now that I know the snake was harmless,  that moment was priceless!