2015-01-27 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1n6 (beta)

  • FIXED: Posting to WordPress blog appears in the future Corrected
  • COMPLETED: In viewEntry, ability to enter a tittle for the post (WordPress and Tumblr – Ignore in Twitter
  • COMPLETED: On IE11: calendar days are too tall/ display box off (Working on FF & Chrome!)

2015-01-25 23:55 COMPLETED ======================= Increased version to v1n5 (Beta)

  • COMPLETED: – Update routine to add update log
  • COMPLETED: – Update routine to run simulation or not.
  • COMPLETED: – When an entry is published add COPY ENTRY instead of PUBLISH.
  • COMPLETED: – Add character counter to Entry View Description teext
  • COMPLETED: – If characters in Entry View Description greater than 130 then do not allow publishing to Twitter.
  • COMPLETED: – Limit characters for twitter (minus URL)
  • CLOSED: – Add instagram API — Does not accept post from API // Not supported by Instagram
  • COMPLETED: Remove Hard coded bitly parameters in functions.php
  • FIXED: Issue with Demo mode in Admin
  • FIXED: Issue with update files.
  • COMPLETED: – UpdateFiles: precheck for Update file updates first and execute.

2015-01-24 23:55 COMPLETED ======================= Increased version to v1n4 (Beta)

  • Added update code routine
  • Fixed SQL injection issues after code review

2015-01-21 23:55 COMPLETED ======================= Increased version to v1n3 (Beta)

  • FIXED: Ok to accept an empty field in URL checker.
  • CLOSED: UNREPRODUCIBLE: Filters by Author not working
  • Site Admin now generating new instances.

2015-01-20 23:55 COMPLETED ======================= Increased version to v1n2 (Beta)

2015-01-27 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1n1 (Beta)

  • COMPLETED: Add a quick Entry from Day View
  • COMPLETED: Create routine to Publish in-queue entries that have not been published. (can be called from program or Cron file.
  • COMPLETED: Set up a background system task that scrolls the queries the database every minute, and anything that has an in-queue status would be PUBLISHED at the date/time in date scheduled
  • COMPLETED: Create a separate file with customer-editable variables (like bitly and Header) / Can be edited
  • COMPLETED: Fixed header / footer formatting
  • COMPLETED: Add routine for bitly credentials
  • COMPLETED: Make Bitly-optional based on variable.