v1q2 – Released

2016-01-04 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1q2

  • DaySummary: Filter by contributor / Channel are currently mutually exclusive (one resets the other ALL) Need them to work together.
  • DaySummary: Number of entries in Summary does not reflect filter list. Need them to reflect the correct numbers when filtered.
  • Day Summary: Add a Clear filters option to the interface.
  • CalendarView: when filtering by Contributor, and click on day: The contributor filter not being retained. (Should show only those entries that match the filter)
  • Added utility in Admin to Search and Replace content in databse
  • small changes

2015-12-30 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1q1

  • Changed code header to include 2013-2016.
  • NoteView/EntryView Name Change: to viewNote/viewEntry
  • When viewing a Note, have a link back to the entry it belongs to.
  • Display Note ID on the viewNote (like in viewEntry)
  • When Displaying a note, have a link to the entry.
  • Moved into Git source Control. (Committed Master and Mods01 branches)
  • Read version (and release date) from within version.txt (removed $g0_last_updated variables.php)

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