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Virtual Applications – going mainstream!

Doing some research this week, I ran into a website called   which is a company that provides server-based software installations using Virtualization technology…  Essentially they do all of the hard configuration and settings work, and provide a Virtual snapshot of the application ready for it to be used… They have several open-source server based applications that are ready to be ran for free – Work checking out for sure! —

At the same time we tested the MSI-based installation of Microsoft’s Application Virtualization platform (SoftGrid ) and what a sweet product! –  Essentially you do not have to do anything different from the regular sequencing process other than a check a check-mark to create an MSI package. – That puts ANY application ready to be distributed to any desktop with the SoftGrid Client without having to have the SoftGrid server components, while still maintaining all of the Application fully virtualized… —  Major step forward! –

Who else is doing it – will be one of my next research topic…

Sounds like 2008 *will*  be the year Application Virtualization goes mainstream! –  I can only hope! —