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Washington, DC Visit

I was in Washington, DC this week and had the chance to take sometime to visit the Smithsonian Museums…  It was trully a treat, and wanted to share just a couple of highlights…:

  • ENIAC’s – **The** 1947 technology  (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer )  — Wow – It seemed a bit rusty – but that is where it all started –
  • Hope Diamond – (45.52 carat, deep blue) — What a beauty! — That was the centerpiece, but the Gem Colleection contains some other great and impressive pieces…
  • In the National Arts Gallery, Several  of Toulouse-Lautrec paintings, a self-portrait of  VanGohg, and several other incredible paintings..

Trully an amazing couple of hours…    and it was totally FREE…    (As an aside: I had no idea that the Smithsonian was a gift (back in mid-1800s) from an Englishman who left his state to American people  — Someone who never set foot in the USA when he was alive, but believed in his potential and people – What a legacy! —

—  I need to get out more!