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Windows 10 InfoBits for September 2017

Below you will find a short summary  list on Windows 10 related topics which I have found interesting.  I do share these with my peers and customers..   Enjoy!

As we visit customers, there are still a lot of them  deploying Windows 10 without understanding of its capabilities or new Windows as a Service (WaaS) cadence.

Reminders:  Windows 10 v1511 End-of-Life:

  •  Windows 10 v1511 (aka: Redstone1 )  will end-of-life  on Oct 10, 2017
  •  Windows 10 v1607 (aka: Anniversary Edition) will end-of-life: ~ March 2018
  •  Windows 10 v1703 (aka: Creator’s Edition) set to end-of-life: ~September 2018

What does end-of-life mean?

Devices will no longer receive security updates after the end-of-life date.

Can I delay / defer an update?

If your customer us using Windows 10 Pro  or Enterprise, you are  able to defer Features updates up to a maximum of 360 days and Quality / Security Updates up to a maximum of 180 days.   ( Note:  You cannot delay an end-of-live version. )

What does Defer mean?

When you defer upgrades, new Windows features won’t be downloaded or installed for several months. Deferring upgrades doesn’t affect security updates. Note that deferring upgrades will prevent you from getting the latest Windows features as soon as they’re available


More information can be found at:  Windows 10 Release Info Page

More information on Windows as a Service:   


Outlook 2007 will no longer work with Office 365 and/or the Microsoft Hosted Exchange service.

In case you missed the announcement, Microsoft has announced that, as of October 31, Outlook 2007 will no longer work with Office 365 and/or the Microsoft Hosted Exchange service.

For those who want a technical explanation, RPC-over-HTTP is being deprecated in favor of MAPI-over-HTTP, and Outlook 2007 doesn’t know how to talk that way, you can find  more details on this Microsoft Support Article


Looking forward:

Windows 10  “ Fall Creators Update”  (v1709)   on track to mid-Oct 2017.

This is the next version of of Windows 10, and it is a  big one !

Businesses need to understand the impact of these changes within their environment..

Lots of improvements  in Windows Shell (UX), Edge Browser, Settings Options, and many general Improvement.  Most notable will be (as of Insider’s build version 10.0.16288:

  • You can now see files saved in the cloud via OneDrive with “On-Demand Sync” in File Explorer.
  • VBScript is now disabled for Internet Explorer by default
  • Delivery Optimization now contains options to limit the upload and download bandwidth
  • “Device Encryption” has been added as a new page
  • Windows will now throttle programs if they aren’t being used
  • The SMB1 server component is no longer included by default on Home or Pro
  • Computer Browser service has been removed
  • Windows Defender Security Center Upgrades


For those of you techies, A full list of them (so far ) can be found:

  Original Source:


Hope this helps!