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Windows 10 Opportunity: 184M devices in 370 Working Days

As of today, we sit at less than 18 calendar months from the end of Windows 7 Extended Support.

A couple of weeks ago in the Microsoft Partner Conference in Vegas,   Microsoft provided some context to the opportunity ahead for partners by giving the numbers of installed Windows 7 devices around the world…  

A summary of Microsoft said follows:

  • About 184 million commercial PCs around the world (excluding China)
    • 50% were within enterprises
    • 30% in small- and mid-sized businesses
    • 30% in government. Nearly two-thirds of those machines were older than five years old
    • 64% of Devices are older than 5 years!
  • Of the 184 million, 25% of them are in the USA — That is about  45 million in the USA alone!

They presented this graph which tells the story:

To put it in to context:

  • in less than 370 days you will have to
    • Worldwide: 184 Million devices:   Migration Rate per day:   497,297 devices per day!!
    • US:   45 Million Devices:    Migration rate per working day:   124,324 devices per day!!
  • New Devices need: (Replacing devices older that 5 years)
    • Worldwide:  117.8  million devices
    • US:     29.4 million devices

So the question for you is:  How much of that business you want to capture!

This ties nicely into the message about How Dell Support and Deployment can help customers to move to Windows 10

Contact your Dell Service Sales Executive (SSE) or End User Computing Solutions Principal  (EUC SP) to help you with your efforts!