Windows 10 Short Videos

Windows 10 is about just about 2 years old  ( 1507 Threadstone 1 was released on July 29, 2015) , and  even though it was short of the 1 billion devices originally targeted by this time, the ~500 million or so is a tremendous achievement.   It has been the fastest Microsoft OS adoption in history.  

Next year, 2018,  will be a pivotal year for businesses adoption with, according to a recently released Gartner report,  over 85% percent of enterprises will have started Windows 10 deployments by the end of 2017,

I created a couple of small  ( 8 minutes or less ) videos to  help connect Windows 10 Services and the Support & Deployment Services offering.

The goal of these is to not only educate, but also  help provide a “hook” to cast out there  not only to your AEs but also customers. 

If you are not sure of how a customer is doing on Windows 10, these could help “shake the tree”

Windows 10 Reality & SDS Service Capabilities (Duration: 7 minutes)

          Short (7 minute) video of Windows 10 deployment reality and an explanation of Dell/EMC Support & Deployment Services capabilities

Windows as a Service  Explanation and Impact to the Enterprise (Duration: 8 minutes)

          Windows as a Service,  the potential impact on your organization, and how Dell SDS organization can help throughout the process.

The  plan is to generate a couple more   

I have also created a playlist if you cannot decide which one to send: 

Deploying Windows 10 within your Business (June 2017)


Hope this helps!

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