iNove Theme Change to Support Custom Menu

Like so many out there, I have been using the iNove v1.4.6 (by mg12) theme forever!   It has been very stable, reliable and I’ve gotten used to it.   I like it a lot..     I try to stick to “out of box” and make no modifications to the theme files, but  one thing has bug me for a very long time…

I can not use custom menus with the theme..   I know, I should upgrade to a more up-to-date theme, as this one has not been updated in over 2 years, but …   (what can I say!)

Tonight, after a bit of research,  I found someone that had done it, so I tried the two simple steps, and it worked!

Big THANK YOU to “Spike”  for documenting what needed to be done.

The post, which includes other modifications, can be found at:

A snippet of the process follows: