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Windows 10 InfoBits for October 2017

Below you will find a short summary  list on Windows 10 related topics which I have found interesting.  I do share these with my peers and customers..   Enjoy!

Windows 10 represent a great opportunity to change the way customers deploy and manage devices, however it also represents a big challenge for many customer.   As we visit customers, there are still a lot of them  deploying Windows 10 without understanding of its capabilities or the “challenges” of the new Windows as a Service (WaaS) cadence.


New version of Windows 10 RELEASED:

  Windows 10 v1709   Oct 17, 2017   (expected end of life July 2019 )

               It is now available in WSUS —  Do not forget to update your task sequences (use the right Index number!)


  • Office 2007 – has officially reached end-of-extended support (and therefore End-of -Life!
    • In their support blog  dated October 17, 2017  Microsoft confirmed above statement)
    • Office 2010 is on Extended Support  until April Oct 2023
    • Office 2013 will end Main stream support on Oct 13, 2020 and extended support on Oct 14 2025.
  • Did you know that there are roughly 1.5 Billion users of Office ?
    • Microsoft has stated that about 70% of them will be Office 365 by 2019!



Other Resources:

Hope this helps!