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Windows 8 Impressions After 30 days


I have been using Windows 8 RTM (and Office 2013 Preview)  on my primary laptop for about 30 days now, and have been very pleased with the experience.

Windows8LogoI am a semi-typical knowledge worker / technology consultant who travels a lot. My office is wherever I can find a small desk area and an internet connection.

It took me a bit to get use-to the new interface, but once I got the idea, it was smooth sailing.

Part of my goal was to look at how application / drivers and device compatibility was going to impact my migration process. Pleased to report that I have found no application, device or driver compatibility issues. This has been a big surprise, as so much of my work has been focused on these topics in the past few years, migrating people to Windows 7. (I am pretty sure you are aware how involved this has been! )

I have to admit, that my primary UI interface has been the desktop. Windows 8 interface (aka Metro) works fine, but I just have not found it very useful on my keyboard-mouse laptop. I have missed the Start Button a bit but not as much as I thought I would. Just a matter of getting used to doing things slightly different..

Things I Like:

  • remarkably easy to install and update (from Windows 7)


  • Boot time: whether from hybernation state or full boot – WOW – It is super fast! This I love! it takes less time than saying: “superfragilistic expialidocious“ – It’s nice.
  • SkyDrive integration: Although at first, it did not make sense, the integration with the Microsoft account is very nice. (especially with SkyDrive is super helpful)
  • I miss the start-button, but the short WinKey+X will get you there quickly… – Also I have gotten use to hit the WinKey and start typing the app I need..
  • Office 2013 is very nice… Microsoft Office team has improved the product considerably – I will write something up on this topic separately



  • Internet Explorer 10 on the desktop is speedy. Have found no issues with web-site or web apps.


Things I do not use or “get” yet (I am sure I will at some point) :

  • The “formerly known as” Metro interface — works fine on my laptops, but I find it that it excels on touch-screen devices.


  • I have not yet figure out how to close an app in the Metro Interface (ie: Adobe PDF, or IE)
  • IE10 within the Windows 8 interface is very nice to look at, but I have found it a bit impractical at times..
  • Most Annoying:
    • I can’t use Snip to take a picture of a region if the Metro interface. Checked the Microsoft App Store, and was not able to find anything to do screen shorts of it.. Anyone knows of a suitable replacement… Do you know?

    Look forward to the official release in late October, and of course the tablet experience – Some cool devices coming out!