BPOS Migration Tools

As we have mentioned in the past, many organizations are now moving from on-premises to a hosted solution (cloud computing).   One of the greatest values out there (for what it contains) is Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS) —    We expect to have many, many customers to continue to migrate into this platform.

With a  set of migrations under our belt,  we can talk about  some tools  that are available out there to help in this task.

  • Microsoft BPOS provides good tools for the migration from on-premise Exchange , POP3 and Active Directory synchronization. 
  • http://www.migrationwiz.com/public/default.aspx
    • MigrationWiz will currently migrate any internet accessible mailbox via IMAP and POP to Exchange Online
    • (Have not tried it, but we hear it is pretty  good)
  •  www.quest.com/bpos/
    • Free pre-migration test tools (free)
    • Migrating from Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise to Exchange Online
    • Migrating from Lotus Notes  Apps to and SharePoint Online

Before you proceed with the migration of email, consider what you want to migrate into the new environment, and how automated you want this process to be.

We will update this as new tools come up. Let us know of your experiences with these and others…


  1. sjade11

    We used a free tool called BPOS commander (www.bpos-experts.com) that made the sign up and migration process really simple. It even helps you manage your account after you migrate. Definitely a good tool to add to your list.

  2. Hi thank you for the mention!

    We (MigrationWiz) support migration from and to Google Apps, Exchange Server, BPOS, Office 365, IMAP, POP, and more.

    We try to implement the full matrix because it allows our users to migrate back if they’re not happy with their new service provider.

    In short we’re not limited to IMAP and POP. For example, for users on Google Apps, we can migrate all their emails, contacts, appointments from Gmail to Exchange Online.