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Initial Thoughts on Windows 8

I have been using Windows 8 on my primary laptop for about 30 days now, and have been very pleased with the experience.

I am a semi-typical knowledge worker /  technology consultant who travels a lot.   My office is wherever I can find a small desk area and an internet connection.    My laptop is configure in a way that I have several Virtual Machines working at the same time, one for the corporate image, another for my personal use (with Windows 8 and Office 2013) and one for a bit of fun and, (Ubuntu 12.04)

It took me  a bit to get use-to the new interface, but once I got the idea,  it was smooth sailing.

Part of my goal was to look at how application / drivers and device compatibility was going to impact my migration process.   Pleased to report that I have found no application, device or driver compatibility issues.    This has been a big surprise, as so much of my work has been focused on these topics in the past few years, migrating people to Windows 7. (I am pretty sure you are aware how involved this has been! )

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Control freaks rejoice! SCMDM 2008 is here.

And it’s the Wild West out there with all of the different devices, the lack of control and every one of them wants into your network. Business factors demand choice and IT factors drive the need for security and supportability. Is there a compromise here?

Unified Messaging for Exchange 2007

OVA is one component of the new Unified Messaging server role now included in this latest version of Microsoft’s email server. Unified messaging’s goal is to consolidate as many communication types as possible into a single inbox and Exchange does this by treating email, faxes, and voicemail as just another message which can be accessed through corporate Outlook, Outlook Anywhere (Formerly Outlook over the Internet), Outlook Web Access, Outlook Mobile Access and now using just using your phone while on the run.

Virtual Desktop Visionary Stoneware, integrates Google Apps

These are exciting times – when the humble world of HTML and JavaScript have been leveraged to the hilt, and AJAX applications now rival traditional executables in functionality and behavioral metaphors. Stoneware seems poised to deliver what many of us have dreamed about for as long as bandwidth has been increasing.

VMWare buys Thinstall

VMWare has recently purchased Thinstall. This puts some heavy muscle behind one of SoftGrid/AppVirt’s competitors. One can only speculate what the San Francisco to Palo Alto move will mean for the product, but personally, I hope they invest heavily in bringing Thinstall’s feature set into parity or dramatic competition with AppVirt.

Hello, World – Welcome to InfraOps

Greetings, everyone! We’re the Infrastructure Optimization team at Getronics, and we’ve decided to start a blog. After years of internal discovery, we thought it might be a good idea to give back to the community, by sharing some of our thoughts and findings around the topic of Infrastructure Optimization.