Virtualization Adoption and MDOP

Although we typically work in the enterprise customer space, we have to acknowledge (and thank) the posting of team for their article “Is Microsoft MDOP slowing down virtualization adoption?” for bringing this issue to light.

The article speaks to the fact that that the small / medium business market segment has little to no choice if they want to take advantage of application virtualization technology.

Microsoft’s MDOP product offering – which, as you know, we love – is only offered as a bundle for those customers who have or purchase Software Assurance, a rather high bar for many small- to medium-sized business to hurdle.

This is a conversation, I myself, have had with several Microsoft folks, and am still hoping that at some point in the not so distant future they open up to the masses for adoption.

From  Microsoft’s business point of view, their decision to limit the product has not been a bad one: (6.5Million licenses sold to-date, the fastest selling volume-licensing product ever.)

I can’t say it has been a bad decision for them, but deep down I say, application virtualization should not be an option but the default standard!

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