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Microsoft adds Windows 8 Upgrade Course


Just received note that a new course was published  to get tech-folks ready for enterprise-level deployments of Windows 8, specifically on how to go about Windows 8 upgrades.

The course, now available at the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA),  is under the heading Planning and Preparing for Windows 8 and consist of the following modules:

  • Assessing Compatibility of Your App…  – Level 200
  • Deployment Options and Considerations.. – Level 200
  • Preparing for Migration – Level 200

The course is configured so that the links takes you to a TechNet document/resources, where you read about the topic and subtopics. When you are ready and have completed the reading for the Module, you then take a short 10 minute (timed) assessment for that module.

This is my first time at the MVA, so it is new to me… Lots of “guided technology tours” there…   Check it out!  –