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The InfraOps Blog…

Article by Rob West

…was reborn this month. We’ve been traveling, speaking and writing so much that we haven’t had enough time to write to this blog. Well, that’s dumb, and has to stop, so I’m personally committing at least 2 hours of my week to doing the bare minimum: hunting down a few cool links, maybe a few comments, etc., and if I’m stuck in a hotel room trying to crank out an article of merit.

If I do that, perhaps some of you will return to reading. If nothing else, it’ll be great practice writing, and will motivate me/us to get out there and start trumpeting all the cool stuff we’ve been doing.

For you Smores (look it up) out there, I’m also on FriendFeed ( and Twitter (,, and about a bazillion other sites. If you want to see what else I’m reading, check those out too, and maybe just find out a little too much about where I am on a particular day!

In other news, I’m pleased to introduce Charley Ballmer and Todd Pekats to the blogging team. They are new recruits with even crazier schedules than Jorge’s and mine, but will be up-to-speed soon, and hopefully posting with some fresh voices and perspectives that you’ll enjoy.