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AppVirt 4.5 on Windows Server 2008

I decided to take a chance on the possibility that I could get MAV 4.5 Beta running on Server 2008 before a demo I have to give in Dallas this week, so I spent a rainy Sunday putting it together in a Virtual PC VM. Well, after several hours and re-dos, I got it, and am proud to say that it works like a dream. Here are the steps I took to get the Server 2008 + Microsoft AppVirt 4.5 Beta + SQL Server 2005 Express into a single VM server for demos.

Note that I did not type in product keys, because I won’t be using these past 30 days. If you decide to follow these instructions, you should put product keys in, or not, depending on your application.

Also note: These notes are provided as-is, and without warranties, express, or otherwise, etc. etc. Your mileage may vary. Not legal in places where things like this are not legal. {CAVEAT_MACRO}

That being said, if you are trying this, and have questions about what I did, or spottiness in my notes, feel free to email me, or comment here.

Why do this? It makes a great base to demonstrate AppVirt in action, or as a lab for your own sequencing efforts. And heck, if you’re like me, it’s fun!

Using Virtual PC 2007

  1. New Virtual Machine, specified Server 2003 as the Model
  2. Inserted Server 2008 disc, began setup
  3. Did not enter a product code
  4. Installed Enterprise
  5. Downloaded MAV 4.5 Beta, SQL Server 2005 Express, will share out folder to these installers
  6. Set admin password to *******
  7. Added Virtual Machine Extensions
  8. Update Sound Card driver by pointing update to c:Program FilesVirtual Machine Additions
  9. Added AD Domain Services Role
  10. Ran DCPromo.exe
  11. New forest root domain:
  12. Forest functional Level: Server 2003
  13. Added DNS role
  14. Left Dynamically-assigned IP address
  15. Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator Account password: ******
  16. Finished wizard, chose reboot on completion – need to reboot anyway for VM Extensions
  17. DCPromo rebooted machine
  18. Added  IIS role: added ASP.NET feature, Basic, Windows and Digest Authentication, IIS 6.0 Management Compatibility (all), IIS Management Scripts and Tools, Management Service
  19. Open AD Users and Computers
  20. Create an OU called “AppVirt”
  21. Create a group called “AppVirt Administrators”. Add Administrator to this group.
  22. Create a group called “AppVirt Users”. Add Administrator to this group.
  23. Renamed computer to Restarted.
  25. Started SQL Express installer
  26. Added Client Components and Connectivity Components
  27. Mixed Mode authentication: password: ******
  28. Installed SQL Server Management Studio Express
  29. SQL Instance name: MAINSQLEXPRESS
  30. Run SQL Server Configuration Manager
  31. Enable Named Pipes and TCP/IP protocols under Network Configuration
  32. Restart SQL Server service
  33. ———– Windows Update —————–
  34. Automatic updates on
  35. Checked for updates (trying to get SQL Server 2005 SP1)
  36. Added Microsoft Update for other MS products

    Downloaded 7 updates (74mb), including SQL Express Sp2

  37. Restarted
  38. ———– MAV 4.5 Setup ————-
  39. Start setup.exe
  40. Select mainsqlexpress as the Database Server location
  41. Create a new database (SOFTGRID)
  42. Accept defaults for secure mode. (do not enable)
  43. Accept defaults for RTSP port (554)
  44. Administrator Group: AppVirt Administrators
  45. Provider Group: AppVirt Users
  46. Change to Explorer, and Create a folder called c:Content
  47. Specify Content path as c:Content
  48. Finish installer
  49. Close Virtual PC instance and SAVE STATE – this will serve as the base platform for the server