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2008 Year of change


Windows Vista has been out for a while now and hardware and software vendors have had time to update their drivers, apps, interface, etc. to the new operating system.

Nevertheless (and this happens all the time) some specialized application vendors still will not support Vista and as a result, Windows XP and 2000 will remain in the environment “forever,” much like a Styrofoam cup in the forest.

Either way, 80 to 90 percent of all workstations can be migrated over to the new, more stable and secure windows Vista.

Oh wait! Windows 7 will be out soon, should we wait? The answer to that is “NO.”

It is time to build a infrastructure that is agile enough to shorten the lifecycle management of operating systems just like it was shortened for applications.

Major application releases happen sooner than 2 years, why shouldn’t OS’s do the same?

Those who develop an environment based on Virtualization and fast deployment of OS’s will rule the day.

Not a sermon just a thought.