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Virtually Speaking: Presenting — Presentation Virtualization – redux


Amy Newman over at in her VirtualzationWatch column helps to clear the virtual haze that is virtual presentation. Glad someone is speaking to this – in the 30 plus years of virtualization each market segment hasn’t been able to define itself all that clearly. Thanks Amy.

The cool thing about application virtualization with Microsoft’s SoftGrid is that it plays nicely in all the virtual spaces – including virtual presentation.

With the Terminal Service Client for SoftGrid virtualized applications can be streamed to a TS client enabled desktop, laptop or thin term for presentation via RDP and even further if you really want to extend it with an ICA client with Citrix.

“Application Virtualization allows any application to run alongside any other – even applications that normally conflict, multiple versions of the same application, and many applications that previously could not run under Terminal Services. This eliminates the need for server silos and significantly improves server utilization. As a result, the number of servers needed is much lower, operational costs for managing the remaining servers is reduced, and the server farm ROI is increased.” – Microsoft

Speaking of ROI – we haven’t even begun to speak to the documented 30 plus percent reduction in server silos when you add Application Virtualization for Terminal Service.

Endusers just want their apps – be it on their local desktop, laptop, thin term or securely from a kiosk at the airport – Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization for Terminal Services can help you achieve that – with out the virtual haze.