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Microsoft Hyper-V

When considering VMware to address the Server Virtualization environment, take a moment to consider another more cost effective alternative: Microsoft Virtual Server. Although Virtual Server does not currently offer VMware features such as VMotion, Site Recovery, Converter, etc. Microsoft is spending a lot of development dollars making sure that the Virtual Server environment is in the strategists mind when considering virtualization. Take for instance Hyper-V which is Microsoft’s next generation virtualization environment.

Hyper-V is new in Windows Server 2008 and will provide you with the enviorment to build and manage a virtual server environment. Although it is not yet to par with VMware and its VMware Virtual Center, it gives you all the necessary tools to create and manage virtual machines on both 32 and 64 bit platforms. Another thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft will continue to outspend competitors in its development efforts of all virtualization technologies and this is based on their goal to one day provide software as a service. So take a Hyper-V for a test drive before you make decide on which virtualization strategy to adopt.

Not a sermon just a thought.