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Technology Wave comming in late 2009 / early 2010

Office 2010 is finally  coming out for air now – check out the newly released  Office 2010 Official Blog site –   This announcement prompted me to do a bit of a quick online check as to what’s ahead in the near future.

Several new versions of Microsoft  software are currently in beta mode, release  release Candidate (RC) or Release to Manufacture (RTM)  state.   Even though there is no “guarantee” they will come out  by years’ end, there is always a chance, and given Microsoft’s drive, I think there is a good chance 🙂  

As a side note,   I must say this time around has been impressively solid betas and RCs! –  ( Kudos out there – you know who you are.)

Just to mention a few: 

  • Window 7 (RC state)    –
    • Who does not know about this one ? Dare to raise your hand! 
  • Exchange 2010 ( now in beta) 
    • Interest to note : it is all about web services!
  • SharePoint 2010 ( now in beta) 
    • No more “Office” in  SharePoint . 
    • Officially the product has been rename to  Microsoft SharePoint 2010  
  • Office Web Applications (not to be confusued with OWA) (coming soon)
    • We will be able to create, edit and collaborate on Office documents through a browser.
  • Windows 2008  Service Pack 2 (in RTM ) 
    • Also Vista SP2 is in Beta
  • MDT 2010 (in Beta); 
  • System Center  family: 
    • Config Manager  R2
    • Operation manager R2 
    • Virtual Machine Manager R2
  • Silverlight 3, Live upgrades (SkyDrive) , and … 
  • many others which I am sure I am missing (Feel free to list below!)

Microsoft has been busy! –