Windows 11 Security Deep Dive

We came across a fantastic resource (thank you Andy!) that I had to share regarding the many security enhancements that were introduced into Windows 11 –

We are just getting to know the amazing amount of work Microsoft focused on better securing their latest Windows 11 operating system.

The published ebook, The Windows 11 Security Book: Powerful security from chip to cloud
is really good and detailed a fantastic resource for administrators and security folks.

It covers all of Windows 11 security topics including Hardware, Operating System, Application, User, Cloud and even provides a Security Foundations Guide (Video, Book and Infographic)

Their website is excellent as well. Checkit out at: Windows 11 Security for Business | Microsoft

Windows 11 security: Protect it all with Windows 11 chip-to-cloud security


Side note: I have archived the ebook here just in case, but for the latest copy go to the website.

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