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  • Microsoft Security Baseline Understanding

    Microsoft Security Baseline Understanding

    Microsoft has been working hard in consolidating their security messaging and in the past 6- 12 months there has been a number changes to their product lines and names which has caused some confusion to customers and partners

  • Microsoft Security Name Changes

    Microsoft Security Name Changes

    A lot of changes to the Microsoft Security products line up . Looks like they are finally consolidating all of the products into some sort of logic sense… This is very good news, but it has created some confusion in the field — I am sure there will be more, so I will attempt to […]

  • Windows 11 Security Deep Dive

    Windows 11 Security Deep Dive

    We are just getting to know the amazing amount of work Microsoft focused on better securing their latest Windows 11 operating system.

  • Restrict Saving Files To Local Drives

    Restrict Saving Files To Local Drives

    A good question popped this week in my email. How do I prevent users from saving files to local drives, while still allow them to save to OneDrive folders? I think a lot of organizations would like ( or are doing it already) to do this, but the answer may have some complexity to it […]

  • Today: Largest Password Leak of All Time

    Today: Largest Password Leak of All Time

    Today, cybercriminals have released over 8.4 billion passwords on the dark web. The largest collection of stolen passwords of all time. The 100GB text file includes usernames, email addresses and passwords. #cybersecurity #passwords #leaks #securitynews More info at: https://cybernews.com/security/rockyou2021-alltime-largest-password-compilation-leaked/

  • Windows Autopilot Security Risks

    Windows Autopilot Security Risks

    Enabling Windows Autopilot allows devices to be pre-registered to your organization in Microsoft servers. As of this writing, there is very little risk in enabling Windows Autopilot within an organization. The most recommended security concept to fight against malware for years has been to remove admin rights from end users. When Microsoft introduced Windows 10 […]

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

    Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

    After rebranding Windows Defender as Microsoft Defender in early 2019, Microsoft has been consolidating most of their security-related products into their Microsoft Defender brand. In September 2020 they further announced the Microsoft 365 Defender cross-platform line to include: Microsoft 365 Defender (previously Microsoft Threat Protection) Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (previously Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection) Microsoft Defender for […]

  • WaaS Security / Compliance Risks

    WaaS Security / Compliance Risks

    Organizations need to stay up-to-date in their Windows 10 OS patching otherwise they introduce a lot of security risk and likely compliance governance issues.

  • Temporary Local Admin Rights

    Temporary Local Admin Rights

    How to grant users temporary Local Admin Rights to their devices in an environment where they do not have it.

  • Windows 10 Telemetry Talk…

    Windows 10 Telemetry Talk…

    I am constantly asked by customers about the Microsoft Telemetry and what it collects – Privacy is a big topic everywhere, and data-driven design (think Tesla!) can be difficult to explain… This short segment video interview with Ed Bott explains the 4 types / layers of Telemetry: Video: Telemetry explained: Interview with Ed Bott Additional […]