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A Good Week for MDOP


Last week we had the pleasure of spending time with Shanen Boettcher, General Manager of Windows Product Management for the enterprise at the Redmond stop of his week-long press tour.. It was great to see first hand how much has MDOP plays a strategic role in the Microsoft’s desktop stack…

  1. He told the press that Microsoft has sold over 6.5 million licenses of MDOP to date, making it the fastest-selling volume licensing product in Microsoft history.
    –> A lot of these will be deployed in the next 12-months which is GREAT news for most of us 🙂
  2. He also told that officially, Microsoft had completed its acquisition of Kidaro, an Israeli-based startup that allows management of virtual machines and many other virtualization features much-much user friendly. Furthermore the product will be included in the MDOP offering, with the name “Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization” . This is fantastic news as it increases the value of MDOP tremendously. We are very exited about seeing the product come to market in the early 2009.
  3. We will make a special posting on the Kidaro technology, but to give you an idea:
    during the demo we saw a scenario in which IE6 launched inside a XP-Virtual PC (transparent to the user) based on a specific URL being typed on IE7 – Very useful in application compatability challenges —

Shanen’s full article can be found at: Windows Vista News Blog

Exciting times coming ahead! – Look forward to the rest of 2008 and 2009.

PS – I noticed that we got a quoted by Ina Fried on Beyond Binary / CNET “ blog … She noted:

I am sure we will be exploring this theme in the near future… Stay tuned!

For the company, such personally owned laptops can save on support costs and serve as a retention tools for Generation Y-ers, said Lee Nicholls, global solutions director for IT consultant Getronics.

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