Benefits and Dangers of BYOD – Report

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In a July 2012 published report by Osterman Research (available via InfoWorld),   where they survey of 760 individuals with regard to the BYOD issues they face in their organizations. The research found widespread use of third party, cloud-based storage and file synchronization, which are not often supported by the IT organizations…

Their report includes benefits and dangers of BYOD and the topics covered include:

  • Growing trend toward BYOD
  • Benefits of BYOD
  • Dangers of BYOD
  • Steps to managing BYOD

Amongst the excellent details on statistics, the report sites:

Organizations should implement policies and technologies that will channel the BYOD trend into appropriate management of corporate data and assets instead of banning the use of personal devices and applications outright.

It is critically important that organizations faced with the BYOD problem implement policies about acceptable use of devices and applications, perhaps creating a list of approved devices, operating systems, applications and other personally owned or managed solutions.

The report is available at

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