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Bitcasa I am all in!

UPDATE: Nov 1, 2014:

Bitcasa changed their value proposition and is no longer something I can recommend.  Many issues including bad migration management and very BAD customer service.   See my updated on this here

Original post: August 2013: 

After using Bitcasa  for a couple of months, I am all in!    The hardest part ?  Letting go of others…

Based on a couple of past articles on the cloud storage topic, you know I have been looking for a a solution to help me store files on the cloud.    Although file-sync services (Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive. etc) have a place,  I just want to use a normal drive letter and have it point to my storage location, and use it like a normal drive…  

My process (so far)

Like most, I signed up for the free version which allows 10Gb, and tool it for a test drive.  I a have fast speed internet, so it took just a couple of hours to upload some of the files I wanted to test… Documents, Photos, Movies,   and fill it up..  

I also created a folder that I want to auto-sync across computers (laptop, desktop)

Then I added the client to several computers, and my tablet (Apple & Android) devices, and started to use it in every day live, trying to rely on Bitcasa only


Well you know!  I signed up for the Premium version and am all in!   🙂

Observations along the way:

  • The initial data load and consolidation of my data took a couple of days, but it was fairly painless and surprisingly fast..
    • Side note: I had tried to do the same with my amazon S3 account in the past, but after a weekend, I cancelled the transfer, and was always worried about gets, puts and traffic charges