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I am the Sum of my Talents

As I get older I am noticing that the different parts of me are pulling harder for my mind’s attention and some feel like they are screaming for my “attention”.

I Know One Thing – Part 2

IMAG0845Left_croppedI know one thing: I need to do more…

I set the stage in Part 1 of this post which is an effort to document my current state of mind regarding where I am about my goals in this adventure..    I realize now that:

Income comes from conversions from traffic you attract.

It is funny… Many of the podcasts and videocasts show only the successful approaches, but just a single handful (that I have been able to find) refer to the you how much time they actually spent to get to that point. Just like  home remodel shows on TV!

There are many different skills that come together when approaching this business. Some thoughts on the each of the different areas follow…Read More »I Know One Thing – Part 2

I Know One Thing – Part 1

I know one thing: I need to do  more…

IMAG0845croppedYes it is a bit of a spin on the ancient Greek phrase know as the Socratic Socratic paradox,:

“I know that I know nothing”
“I know one thing: that I know nothing”


Early on I said that I wanted make an effort to record my experience as I move along in this adventure…  This entry is not a particularly “good news” one, as I am currently struggling a bit…  Good or bad here it goes…

After creating  a couple of  sites I thought would get SOME traffic…     Surprisingly (maybe not after you read below) very little has come in…

Read More »I Know One Thing – Part 1

The wave ahead: Digital Content on 200 Million tablets

In one of my previous postings, I talked about the amazing growth of digital content fueled, as of late, by tablet devices.   One industry that is being forced to change leaps and bounds is the publishing industry.

Just last week, it was leaked that two major player in this space, Random House and Penguin, were “negotiating a merger”, and I am sure this is just the beginning.  According to the New York Times, it isRead More »The wave ahead: Digital Content on 200 Million tablets

The Paperless Paradox

Part of Going Paperless Series which provides tips, tools, processes and resources to make the journey to a paperless office or home easier.

“The dream of going paperless has been a pervasive part of our discourse for years but has yet to materialize.” I bet there are at least 50 articles, right now that you can search for in your browser that start that same way. I bet also that each of these articles offers some revolutionary approach, device or software to correct this egregious mistake. And, finally, I bet it works – almost.

So, why aren’t we yet paperless?

Read More »The Paperless Paradox

Digital Content Consumption-Tablet Devices in the Driver Seat

This week, Microsoft was the latest to enter the tablet device marketplace with its Surface device. Earlier this year, Google released the Google Nexus 7 to compete in the ever-growing tablet market place along with iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, and so many others… (The 2012-2013 holiday season will be an interesting one!)

Read More »Digital Content Consumption-Tablet Devices in the Driver Seat

Online Income: My Goals

Waterton_National_Park_2009This is part of a series (online business journey)

Now that I have listed  a few of the items I have learned through the research,   I need to write down my goals and objectives so I can

Long Term Goal:  

  1. Disconnect my income stream from the hours I actually work.
  2. Being able to live and work from anywhere

Short Term Goals:

  1. To receive 3 consecutive months of passive income  (No specific amount is intentional)
  2. To actively learn (aka doing) as much as I can about this medium and its potential avenues

Read More »Online Income: My Goals

September 2012 and beyond.

This will be the first post of what I hope to be an informative and useful series ahead.  They will be under the category:  Online Business

I have been in the technology business for over 25 years, and for the vast part of them, they have been bear_smallgood years.        My work has consisted of helping corporations (large and small) develop, deploy and maintain technology-based solutions.  I have written and created hundreds, if not thousands, of emails, reports, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and such.    Spent tremendous amounts of hours in conference rooms, planes, trains and automobiles, not to mention the large list of hotels I’ve stayed at.        I really have no complaints to talk about.  Overall, it has been a good time, done some great projects and developed long-lasting friendship.   Although things have not come “easy”, I’ve accomplished most of the goals I’ve set out to do (in retrospect they were probably not high-enough) with a combination of hard work, teamwork, good luck and good wine along the way.

Read More »September 2012 and beyond.

Internet Parental Controls Enforced

Like many of you parents out there, we have a real issue with  our kids Internet access habits…   They are online at all times, talking to their friends, surfing YouTube or playing multi-player online  games.     The Internet has  become a large part of our everyday activities, so we are not necessarily oppose to these activities, but the amount of time they spend is excessive.  “Time just flies when when you are online”

There’s got to be a way for parents to regulate the amount of time and / or the times spent online on a per-user bases, just like they do on Internet cafes, hotels and other public places..   I  found it… Read More »Internet Parental Controls Enforced