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Traveling Circus: Annoying Things

There are many things that can be challenging when you travel, but when you travel as much as I do, there are a couple that can really be annoying.  They are not  super important, nor they are earth shattering, but somehow they get to me..

  • Cost of a water bottle =  $4.98 in some airports!
    • I get it … You have a captive audience, so why not charge as much as you can?
      Having said this, there should be a law against this one!
      Isn’t that robbery?    Water is a necessity while traveling to stay hydrated and in good shape.   If the law does not allow you to bring in water bottles into the airport,  then one should not pay 400-500% markup for  this basic necessity.


  • Airport Internet Access – “US$: 4.98 per month for one month”
    • I laugh so hard when I see this… Most airports provide free WiFi access.   Some airports limit to free one session to 30 –  60 minutes depending on where you are..
      Lately, I have been at several airports where you see this advertisement from BoingBoing:WifiAccess4.95for onemonth1Is it truly  a “$4.95 per month” offer   when it is only one month offer?


  • TSA Line – “Do NOT need to take your laptop / shoes off!”
    • People!!  There are signs, sometimes videos AND people telling you NOT to do it…. So why do you?In the past only TSA pre-approved passengers can go through this lanes, but lately I have noticed many first timers that somehow got “upgraded” , and had no idea as to what they had to do…

      Is this a marketing move to let people try it and hopefully they will sign up?

(Yes — You read in between the lines…. Tthis items is a selfish gripe of mine, as I am always cutting it close to departure time )


Business traveling is not always easy, and you are patience and flexibility are being tested constantly…      Seasoned business travelers adjust quickly to changing circumstances, but there’s always some small things that can get to you.. .

Love to hear some of your “annoying” stories…