The Aging of the World – totally made me think.

The current  issue of Time Magazine (Feb 22, 2010)   is titled  The Science of Living Longer.

It was  a very interesting issue, but I have to admit the following stats which they quoted freaked me out a bit..

It is not the fact that we are aging, that made me wonder –  It is how fast we are aging.

  • Look at the numbers:
    • The first person to live to 150 years will appear in 2150.
    • Life expectancy:
      • in 1900 – 47 years
      • in 2000 – 78 years
    • People over 80 years old worldwide: 
      • in 1950:   14.5 million
      • in 2009:   102 million
      • in 2050:  304 million 

This  last set made my head spin wild!  – Can you imagine the social consequences?   

Wow!  – talk about The Aging of the World ! 

Anyone out there has a percentage of these numbers in relation to total worldwide population?

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