iPhone vs Palm Pre

No this will not be a full comparasion or anything like that, just a quick rambling in myblog regardind my observations between the two platforms, after using both for about a couple of months now.

palmpre_open_closeAlthough I secretly wanted for the Pre to be the one to write about, I have to say that iPod as a platform is definitelly ahead of the game…    I realize this is a bit unfair, as the iPhone platform has been much longer in the market place, but …

My questions for both platforms are:

  • What’s up with  no Flash capabilities?  Is it a licensing thing???
  • On the camera – Why not a digital zoom 2x or 3x ?  Is it a hardware limitation?

I really like my Pre but I do have a couple of challenges with it:

  • Why in the world would Pre developers not have an on screen keyboard available?
    I know there are a couple of ways to hack it, but come-on… Why not make it available standard.
  • Why not a Video recorder ?
    The device is capable and as I understand it outstanding hardware, but it came with no software…
  • PLEASE  open up the Pre AppStore  soon! – The 40 or so applications you have right now are just killing the momentum… – It can be  and we can have so much more —


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