Note to Facebook


I think I’ve had enough of Facebook…  This is what I would write to them, if they cared….

Dear Facebook –

Your disregard to the trust placed in you with my information and relationships has gone beyond the point in which I can accept. Your complex and confusing privacy settings options are out of control. Your "everything shared unless you opt-out strategy" is non-sense.

The fact that there is no alternative, or you have 450 million users is no justification for your misleading behavior.    – You had a good thing going, and I am perplexed as to why you have taken this path of distrust.

Respect and trust are the baseline of all relationships! In my view you have broken both.

I am seriously thinking of cancelling my account.

I am no longer entering data into Facebook, and have disassociated  all application links, and  have set all privacy setting to either “no share” or “only friends”.   

The next step will be to cancel the account, but as so many of us have found, it is not an easy task to performed, as they do not make it easy.  

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