Pitch and Pray – PnP

Interesting concept PnP   –  No, not the same as Plug and Play, but different…

My job takes me  to many sales calls, and presentations , and I work  with many salespeople  (we all are, but that is a different article).   A few of them still  are in the habit of pitching ideas and then they hope /  “pray” to hear back from the customer…     I was in one of such meetings  this morning where it killed me to see  how silly  it was  to continue to blindly talk about things that a customer may or may not be interested in…   What happened to qualification process???     Listening to customer needs, and then proposing something that makes sense?    What happened to 80% listening  and 20% talking?  –  Granted (and thankfully), not everyone follows the PnP approach, but we  need to make a effort to mentor those who still do, to help them come out of the habit!

I have to admit,  the pun (PnP=Pitch and Pray)  is not of my doing… A friend mentioned it today,  just after the meeting and will stay with me for a very long time!  — Thanks J…!


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