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Five Reasons to use CRM in your Business


You need to do all you can to give your business the edge within the marketplace.  Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) software allows you to keep, maintain, search and centralize information about your customers which in turn increases your ability to focus on business for success.  

  1. More information means better relationships.  When you use CRM software, you  can collect and consolidate more information  and history about your customers which allows you to learn about them, and help you develop better  relationships over the long term.  Not only you can enter names, titles but also, as an example, anniversary dates, which in turn allows you to send personalized event emails and reminders, which will help your business be thought of in a more personable way.
  2. Proactive, Just-In time Value.   Matching offers to specific customers and / or sales cycles can be difficult.   Knowing your target target audience is only half of the battle,  You can create more effective marketing promotions and or provide suggestions / recommendations  or simply valuable that build a loyal brand following.
  3. Long Term Memory.  Having a place where  you can enter notes,  customer touch records, organizational changes, interests that you can refer to at any time is invaluable.     Your brain can only hold so many interactions from only so many customers, and they are likely not all top of mind.   
  4. Easy to use and customizable.  Most CRM software today is flexible, very easy to use and extremely customizable.   Every business type has its own needs or data points they want to track over time.    Some are more important than others.  The ability to integrate with your current workflows, whatever they may be is important as this ensures you aren’t entering the same information over and over again.
  5. Collaborate and Succeed.     Sales is a team sport and many of you know that it take a tribe to gain and retain a customer.   Over the live-span of an account many changes occur, and you are not always and collaboration, information sharing and the ability to easily access / update re because it’s easy to use. When it’s easy, you and your entire staff can benefit from the information housed within the program.