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Digital Content Consumption-Tablet Devices in the Driver Seat

This week, Microsoft was the latest to enter the tablet device marketplace with its Surface device. Earlier this year, Google released the Google Nexus 7 to compete in the ever-growing tablet market place along with iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, and so many others… (The 2012-2013 holiday season will be an interesting one!)

Have you been on a plane ride recently? Not too long ago, a majority of passengers had a laptop and now you can see the trend changing to tablets and smart phones to retrieve information,  AND do not forget, they are likely fully connected while on flight!

According to a July 2012 report by IDC,    tablet shipments are expected to reach 142.8 million in 2013 and 222 million devices by 2016.

Long gone are the days when one had to actually go home or to an office in sit in front of a desktop computer to retrieve information. Today, one can access all types of information at their fingertips anywhere they are in the world with device choices ranging from desktop computer, to laptops, to tablets, to small smart phones.

No doubt tablets are here to stay.  Choices will be personal! – Although I have an iPad, I prefer Android .   My preferred form factor is 7-8 inch.

Whether you are pro or con this anytime-anywhere access, you have to admit, from a purely technology perspective, it is a pretty amazing accomplishment for just about 20 years of growth! It makes me wonder, what will it be like in just 20 years from now?

P.S.: One industry that is being forced to change leaps and bounds is the book publishing industry, but let’s talk about that on a future positing…