The Board of Advisors In Your Mind

We’ve all heard it a million times before, “you are your own worst critic”.

We are so worried about what others are going to say or thing about us when we take a particular actions that very often we forget to listen to our deep inner voices.  The ones that matter.   Because of this tendency, I constantly remind myself to take a moment and:

Listen to the board of advisers in my mind.  They have my best interest in mind and they represent my interest better that anyone else.

This is a especially acute paint point as an solo-entrepreneur or small business  trying to get to the next project or business stage / level.     No matter how much external advise you take, or how many people you talk to, shortly after every conversation you begin to hear all of the voices in your head weighing the pros-and-cons of every conversation, and mapping / navigating  the decision tree.  (The mind is truly an amazing tool)

One of the best pieces of advise I ever got,  was that once you have reached the point where you have listen to everything you needed to listen to then:    STOP and LISTEN to Yourself.    (it followed with the next best  piece of I received:    and then TAKE ACTION — more on this another time)

Sit down, meditate, go for a drive, walk, run, swim –  whatever will get you to tune out the rest of the world – do it and go with your gut. Whatever the decision, it is the right thing for you at that time. Even if it later proves to be the wrong road, you have learned a lesson!

In today’s busy and stressful filled life it’s hard to zone out. So, shut off the computers, the tablet, the TV or that podcast and put that darn cell phone down. If you are having trouble making a decision or coming up with ideas for your business, whatever the case may be, chances are it’s because you need to quiet down the outside world and trust your inner purpose. It’s in there, trust me. You just have to do a little soul searching to find it.

We are all capable of so much, if we only just believed it. What the mind can conceive and believe it can also achieve. The secret is believing that you truly can…snag that business deal, get that promotion, land that book deal, you get my point.

Trust yourself and your inner voices.  They are your very personal, fully dedicated, always available and incredible inexpensive:  Board of Advisors.

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