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The conversation about Artificial Intelligence (AI), ChatGPT, AI-Bots and such is absolutely everywhere. I was at a social meeting the other day, and the topic was raised. It interesting that this is a conversation in the minds of the general public now. It is a conversation. that has many legs and many view points.

I would like to call out two YouTube videos I listen to this week on this topic. One talks about the history of how we got here, and the other one talk about where we actually are and the future in a very practical way…

The pace of change and the new apps and practical implementations that are popping up every week is incredible. So many new use cases (some good and some bad) either way massive potential for good but also disruption.

it is truly an amazing time in history and an inflection point for humanity and society.
Geoffrey Hinton equates to the likes of the invention of the wheel or electricity.

Anyhow worthwhile watching both sessions. Just wanted to put them both on my blog…

This ALL-IN episode (Episode 124) was excellent and talked about so many view points back and forth — very enlighting for sure.

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