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Going Paperless: Paper Waste Info Chart

Even with all of our electronics, digital devices and such, paper waste is still tremendous…

A single one-terabyte external drive can save as many as 500 million sheets of paper. A 150-page employee manual — pretty massive in real life — takes up less than 7.5% of a four-gigabyte flash drive. An entire filing cabinet’s worth of documents would take up less than 60% of that same drive.

In a recent blog post  by Jeremy Higgens he notes:

Even with all the digital options available today, people are still hooked on paper. It may alarm you to learn that in just one year, the average office worker may use up to 10,000 sheets of paper.


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The Paperless Paradox

“The dream of going paperless has been a pervasive part of our discourse for years but has yet to materialize.” I bet there are at least 50 articles, right now that you can search for in your browser that start that same way. I bet also that each of these articles offers some revolutionary approach, device or software to correct this egregious mistake. And, finally, I bet it works – almost.

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Going Paperless Means Backups

STOP!!!  If you’ve started the process of going paperless in your home or office you need to stop and ask yourself one question, “since I started going paperless have I backed up any of these new files?”  StopSign_web

If the answer to that question is anything but yes, you need to start working on a data backup and recovery plan before you scan any more files!

Data and file loss can cost you and your business a lot of down time, risk legal trouble and even cost you thousands in file recovery.  With a little research, you can include a data backup and recovery plan in your process of going paperless.


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