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Tweets of the month: 2009-06

My Tweets for June 2009:

06/04/09 02:58:52 Alley Insider’s Startup2009 competition: Article One and Expensify shine
06/07/09 02:53:56 Some people are just talented! – Take a look at these photos of LEGOS!
06/07/09 14:48:22 Good article on Cloud Computing evolution as oppose to revolution along with a list of top player.
06/07/09 15:49:19 Good week for social media.  Summaries and pointers essential stories this week at .
06/10/09 11:48:12 Market7: Project Management and Collaboration for Video Creators
06/10/09 11:51:47 10 Twitter Tools to Organize Your Tweeps
06/14/09 20:21:30 Note Microsoft to replace failed Live OneCare security service with Morro service soon ( )
06/15/09 01:41:01 Note Good Discussion on Virtualizaiton at: ( )
06/15/09 03:56:27 A Twitter Client For the Commodore 64
06/16/09 05:14:26 Morro to replace OneCare –  Why did OneCare fail?  –
06/18/09 03:25:06 It has been fairly quite out there-  Lots of chatter and few worthies news.  I guess even Microsoft is saving for their Win7 $100M campaign.
06/18/09 20:32:24 Very nice machine – considering an upgrade to my current laptop –
06/23/09 00:00:36 I’ve been using GoogleApps Sync for Microsoft Outlook and I find it very useful.
06/23/09 18:47:36 Paul Allen’s back in software with email management tool for Outlook: Xiant Filer
06/24/09 13:41:47 Good presentation: The Future of Media   by Gerd Leonhard at:
06/26/09 17:31:52 Twitter Guide Book: Mashable Launches Hub for Twitter Resources