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Tweets for January to August 2014

My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow:

Date:Time (UTC) Tweet
08-30-2014 5 reasons a small Windows tablet might be in your future | PCWorld
08-30-2014 Unexpected: The State Of The Smartphone Market
08-30-2014 Interesting read: 8 things you didnt know about Shark Tank.
08-28-2014 The Most Simple Explanation Of Cloud Computing Ever, From Google (GOOG)
08-26-2014 The Smaller Side of Virtualization
08-26-2014 Ultimate cloud speed tests: Amazon vs. Google vs. Windows Azure
08-19-2014 Gartner Shifts Away from MDM with their 2014 Magic Quadrant for EMM
08-19-2014 VMworld 2014 — The Essential Desktop Sessions
08-19-2014 Intwresting..
08-18-2014 Do you want to have an ultimate weekend? Of course you do. You can enter by clicking here #BeAWeekender.
08-17-2014 Great wisdom…
08-11-2014 The CMO’s Guide to Programmatic Buying
08-11-2014 Great night for Seattle futbol ! #SEAvsHOU #xboxphotocontest
08-05-2014 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit automates VDI images
07-28-2014 Your smartphone will replace room keys at Hilton hotels by end of 2016
07-11-2014 The ‘Internet Of Things’ Will Soon Be A Truly Huge Market, Dwarfing All Other Consumer Electronics Categories
06-23-2014 Web-Scale IT. It’s Here. It’s Now.
06-14-2014 Behind the Slides: The Netflix Culture Deck’s Rise to Fame
06-03-2014 Tablets Growing Faster Than PCs Ever Did: Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends
06-03-2014 | Gartner releases its Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
05-26-2014 7 Things Remarkably Happy People Do Often
03-31-2014 Office for iPad vs. iWork: The battle for tablet productivity
03-31-2014 Very cool! Amazon makes its WorkSpaces DaaS solution generally available
03-31-2014 Google Drive Drops Prices: 100 GB For Just $2 Per Month!
03-31-2014 Cloud Infographic: Cloud Adoption
03-14-2014 Amazon Cloud Player vs. Google Music vs. iTunes Match via @phillsea
03-05-2014 PC shipments to keep falling through 2018 — report | Internet & Media – CNET News
02-24-2014 This is bad for #netneutrality 🙁
02-13-2014 XenApp 7.5: Importance of Citrix Announcement
02-04-2014 Porsche’s first vehicle found in shed after a century
02-04-2014 Seattle is nation’s second-most romantic city, says Amazon
02-04-2014 XenApp is back! Citrix announces XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5
02-04-2014 Behind Google profits, massive spending on computing gear
01-30-2014 Google agrees to sell Motorola to Lenovo for $2.9 billion
01-10-2014 My experiece with #Lyft in San Francisco.. #LyftLove Lyft
08-30-2013 Good article on how to setup Windows 8 Client Hyper-V..
08-23-2013 Gartner: Amazon still public cloud leader by a long shot
08-23-2013 AnandTech | The Nexus 7 (2013) Review
08-23-2013 Skype and integration starts to roll out
08-23-2013 Microsoft details latest Windows Phone 8 update to clear up confusion
08-17-2013 I have been using #bitcasa for infinite cloud storage. Try it out @Bitcasa for free!
08-17-2013 The Roku Is More Popular Than Apple TV In The U.S.
08-17-2013 Google to encrypt Cloud Storage data by default
08-16-2013 Microsoft by the numbers! Pretty cool #Microsoft
08-11-2013 Remember Encyclopedias? #jorgep #jorper98
08-10-2013 Need to check #SETT
08-10-2013 Amazing…. Cloud Infographic: Demystifying Amazon Web Services
08-10-2013 Forrester: Tablet “Hyper-Growth” Will Push Global Installed Base Past 905M By 2017, Up From 327M In 2013
08-10-2013 Great article! Take on the Small Business Virtualization Market | The Virtualization Practice
08-10-2013 Citrix Advances Enterprise Mobility with XenClient 5
08-09-2013 Just cool:
08-07-2013 Love this story! Welcome To Def Con:You’ve Already Been Hacked
08-07-2013 Worldwide market share for shipments of tablet computers –
08-07-2013 The news of Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post is very interesting and has left me thinking a lot… What if others where to follow?…
08-06-2013 The three extremes of corporate BYOD policies
08-06-2013 Jeff Bezos Acquires The Washington Post
08-04-2013 Launching VDI Calculator v3 with Partner support
08-04-2013 How to Prepare for a Migration to App-V 5.0
08-03-2013 Jelly Bean takes 40 percent share of Android devices in July –
08-02-2013 Using #bitcasa Very impressed! Very fast. No need to have files on every device!
07-31-2013 New Blog Post: Cloud Storage Services Comparison #cloudstorage #jorper98 …
07-31-2013 At Starbucks, AT&T is out and Google is in for Wi-Fi | Mobile – CNET News
07-19-2013 CHART OF THE DAY: Microsoft Has Now Burned $18 Billion Online (MSFT) via @Digg
07-12-2013 Comparison of SkyDrive Pro vs. Dropbox.
07-03-2013 Good for Boxee! Samsung acquiring Boxee for $30M, report says –
06-29-2013 Get cash for your used gadgets from @gazelle. Use my link to get an extra $10 reward on your first trade-in!
06-11-2013 The Sharing Economy by Loic Le Meur #leweb London 2013 #AirBnB #KickStarter #LendingClub #TaskRabbit & more!
06-08-2013 Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2012 Keynote – Next-Generation Ecosystems… #socialenterprise #byod
06-05-2013 Just finished “Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise” CITE 2013 – Great event! Excellent people. Good job! #CITE13
06-04-2013 DOS= Don’t Own Stuff. (#cite13)
06-04-2013 Very interesting product… Look forward for a tech deep dive! #asdeqlabs (#cite13)
06-04-2013 Software is for computers. Apps are for people. (#cite13)
06-04-2013 IT is no longer Information Technology. it is Innovating Together. (#cite13)
06-04-2013 Funny video. Have to admit.. Very interesting device.. Love it! (#cite13)
06-04-2013 A virtual keynote! My first.. Consumer-driven IT… (#cite13)
06-04-2013 Totally agree! ” Meeting someone once does not make them part of your network…” (#cite13)
06-04-2013 It is all about the customer. How to come from behind the counter, reach the customer, develop a relationship, and win their lo…
06-04-2013 1 million domain names registered every month! (#cite13)
06-04-2013 Human to human communications over food… Can you beat this? (#cite13)
06-04-2013 Ready for another day.. Good stuff yesterday. I am sure today will end with a bang! (#cite13)
06-04-2013 Next Altia Systems: this is *f*ing cool*. It is a hardware device.. A bit expensive, but cool! Definitely need to check. #…
06-03-2013 Interesting: Connecting people, processes, data and things. #cisco #cite2013. (#cite13)
06-03-2013 200 connectable things per person: Internet of things. 14.4Trillion dollars (#cite13)
06-03-2013 Cisco’s motto: Connect the unconnected! #cite2013 (#cite13)
06-03-2013 BYOD should not be confused with mobile platforms… What about laptops / What about Windows 8- based devices? (#cite13)
06-03-2013 New generation is the most authority-phobic generation ever #cite2013 (#cite13)
06-03-2013 Great first session! #cite2013 (#cite13)
06-03-2013 Dropbox vs Skydrive vs Amazon vs Google Drive: Best Online Storage Option | SidhTech
06-01-2013 Rackspace vs. Amazon Cloud: Like Nordstrom vs Wal-Mart?
05-29-2013 New post: Tweets for April 2013 #jorper98
05-29-2013 New post: Tweets for March 2013 #jorper98
05-29-2013 New post: Tweets for February 2013 #jorper98
05-29-2013 Tablet Sales Projected to Surpass Laptops in 2013, Total PC Sales by 2015
05-28-2013 Calculating The True Cost of BYOD
05-28-2013 In case you wonder: How Yahoo Can Afford All These Acquisitions (YHOO)
05-28-2013 Why IT should stop trying to compete with outside cloud services
05-24-2013 Tablet and smartphone usage is exploding [infographic]
05-24-2013 The Future Of The Personal Computer Is In The Cloud
05-24-2013 Lessons learned in my virtual desktop integration (VDI) deployment | ITworld
05-20-2013 Yahoo Wants To Pay $1.1 Billion For Tumblr’s Mind-Blowing Traffic (YHOO)
05-18-2013 How Graduates Can Get Ahead #jackwelch

05-13-2013 Nielsen to include Internet viewers for the first time in TV ratings system
05-08-2013 Two Products for People Who Miss the Old Windows
05-08-2013 I love this: “Plan B is that Plan A must succeed..” #nokia
05-07-2013 This Man Is Building Microsoft’s Next Multi-Billion-Dollar Business (MSFT)
05-05-2013 Microsoft working on DaaS solution hosted on Azure
05-01-2013 Billions Of Mobile Devices Are Revolutionizing How We Do Business
04-28-2013 Kicking Off a Simpler Era in Office 365 Migrations? — Redmond Channel Partner
04-25-2013 5 Lessons from the Recent WordPress Attack
04-24-2013 Virtualization Enables BYOD & Delivers IT
04-23-2013 As BYOD explodes, IT managers learn to cope
04-23-2013 The cloud is killing traditional hardware and software
04-20-2013 The Next Bubble? Travel Loyalty Programs | LinkedIn
04-18-2013 Dropbox Vs. Google Drive: Which Cloud Storage Service Is Better?
04-18-2013 Looking forward to this: Intel CEO: Windows 8 touch devices will drop to just $200 this year
04-18-2013 The CIO’s Guide to Optimizing Virtual Desktops
04-11-2013 PC shipments post steepest decline ever in Q1 2013 via @TNWinsider
04-11-2013 Tablets?
04-08-2013 Horizon View VDI Calculator v3.1 Released
04-04-2013 Most polular Coding Languages: This chart mixes multiple mediums, but still interesting…
03-10-2013 CIO Summit 2013: Adapting to Changes Brought about by Consumerization of IT – Mandar Marulkar – CIO India News on | C
03-08-2013 Future of the CIO
03-05-2013 Tablets of 2013: Nexus vs. Surface vs. iPad – TechSpot
03-05-2013 Forrester: 70% of “private clouds” aren’t really clouds at all | ITworld
03-05-2013 BYOD 2.0: Moving beyond MDM – Computer Business Review
03-04-2013 #Netflix has me again for another year with #HouseofCards
03-04-2013 PC Market to Shrink in 2013 thru 2017 –
03-02-2013 How Google searches 30 trillion web pages, 100 billion times a month
02-25-2013 Skype vs Google+ Hangouts, a business perspective
02-23-2013 Cloud Infographic: Cloud Storage 2013
02-23-2013 Tablets Take Off In 2012 According To Millennial, With Kindle Fire And iPad Mini Seeing Rapid Growth
02-23-2013 VMware bundles apps into BYOD management suite | ITworld
02-20-2013 Gartner Predicts Infrastructure Services Will Accelerate Cloud Computing Growth
02-19-2013 Google Rips Over $800 For The First Time Ever (GOOG)
02-16-2013 Merging of desktop virtualization and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). The new new end user computing.
02-13-2013 Amazon Seen Spinning Off Cloud Computing Unit AWS #IBDNews via @IBDinvestors $AMZN $RAX
02-13-2013 BYOD: Reaching the Peak? Or Just Getting Started?
02-13-2013 Postal Service Proposes New Paperless Mail System, Ditches Saturday Delivery
02-11-2013 SkyDrive users can now share Office documents with anyone
02-09-2013 Very cool! The Teeny, Tiny Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter #rc
02-09-2013 Fantastic presentation by Luke Wroblewski on design for different devices… #mobile
02-08-2013 remove unwanted objects from pictures! #phototips
02-07-2013 Interesting: 800 million Android smartphones, 300 million iPhones in active use by December 2013, study says
02-07-2013 HBO has 114M subscribers, a new 2-year deal with George R.R. Martin, & no fear of Netflix
02-07-2013 Forrester’s top 15 emerging technologies
02-07-2013 Congrats to @LinkedIn for reaching 200M+ members!
02-06-2013 SMB cloud services market worth $45bn
02-05-2013 BYOD: What do mobile information workers want?

Note: January – May of 2014 I did not tweeted a lot. Busy with a couple of projects where I spent most of my time..


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