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Tweets for June 2012

My tweets & reads for June 2012 follow:

Date:Time (UTC) Tweet
2012-06-28 18:21:27 Good! — The Supreme Court of the United States upholds reforming health insurance in the USA –
2012-06-26 06:42:49 The state of the economy: USA and World. Where are we heading?
2012-06-26 05:14:09 Excellent report on the state of USA economy… Highly recommended if you like numbers and the economy. If you don’t i…
2012-06-24 23:58:16 Mainstream SSD prices plummeted nearly 50% in the past year – TechSpot News
2012-06-24 15:13:13 Good Article: Microsoft Is the Most Exciting Company in Tech, Hands Down
2012-06-23 17:07:13 Good one to know! Dropbox Any Folder Without Moving It! – from #Tekzilla Daily Tip
2012-06-23 15:50:16 Meet the New PC: Not the Same as the Old PC – Page 2 | PCWorld
2012-06-22 07:31:54 RemoteFX Named as Microsoft’s New VDI ‘Umbrella Brand’ —
2012-06-19 17:11:32 Good summary on Microsoft Tablet Surface at:
2012-06-15 23:23:30 Midsize Insider: SMBs Key to the Growth of Cloud Data Services
2012-06-15 12:14:10 BYOD on the rise, but uncertainty remains (infographic) – Ireland’s CIO and strategy news and rep…
2012-06-15 01:28:07 Here’s How You Can Back Up Your Entire Facebook To Your Computer (FB)
2012-06-15 01:19:48 Frequent travelers are starting to see in-flight WiFi as a necessity
2012-06-10 17:28:05 BYOD: The downside is beginning to show | VentureBeat
2012-06-10 14:55:40 BYOD : Info Law Group
2012-06-10 14:53:12 Handling the BYOD surge: Five assumptions for IT pros – ZDNet
2012-06-10 07:13:43 Gartner: top 10 emerging infrastructure trends | ITworld
2012-06-03 00:35:48 To tip, or not to tip: What to pay where via USA TODAY
2012-06-02 17:14:02 A Study Of 70 Million Passwords Reveals That People Really Suck At Making Them
2012-06-02 17:13:13 BYOD: What The Implications Are | Small Business Technology
2012-06-02 17:10:55 Analysis: In a BYOD World, is IT redundant?
2012-06-02 17:07:02 Review of Win 8 RP
2012-06-01 13:00:52 Cloud Infographic: Cloud Reality Check | – Cloud Computing Community
2012-06-01 04:35:41 Updates to the SkyDrive apps for Windows and Mac

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