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Tweets: 2009-11

My tweets for November 2009

10/26/09 20:08:16 Playing with Google Wave – – Very good.
10/27/09 07:00:22 Happy Google Wave user. Getting use to it now. It is so simple – it is hard! – Too many years in with Microsoft products.
10/28/09 03:27:10 Just got Wave and Google connected via Tweety the Twitbot —
10/28/09 03:53:51 Good read regarding the need for Google Wave can be found at:
11/09/09 06:19:30 Great article regarding beginnings, present and future. Very much worth reading.
11/17/09 03:17:01 Jorge continues to use GoogleWave – It is so simple and rudimentary that it is a bit hard to get used to.. – Is it only me?
11/18/09 17:15:57 The #1 issue today in busienss: Business Value (not ROI, or TCO)  Agree?
11/23/09 16:11:49 Simple 3 minute explanation video for Google Wave:
11/24/09 17:29:30 Behind the scences on cloud computing: It  is all about  containers…