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Latest Tweets: 2009-05-31

The latest set of tweets from the last couple of weeks:

05/13/09 02:42:42 Officially SharePoint lost the Office title
05/13/09 03:14:58 New Office 2010 Product Team Blog:
05/14/09 23:48:58 Google Contacts  please add notes/memos to your feature sets – You can be sooo much more with a little more effort.
05/18/09 15:07:06 Wolfram Alpha aims to capture the world’s systematic knowledge into one source build by the world community. Interesting!
05/22/09 04:19:40 Understanding the New Web Era: Web 3.0 – A must read for everyone in this business. Interconnected Semantic Web. –
05/25/09 20:07:58 Who new a drop can be so much more! Amazing!
05/29/09 20:03:17 if you have not seen this yet – YOU MUST. -The future is near – totally leapfrogs any collaboration tool available