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Tweets for January – December 2015

My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow:

Date:Time (UTC)   Tweet
2015-12-31   Michel Roth 2016 Predictions: Important trends that will have a big impact End User Computing in 2016
2015-12-31   Good Summary: Cloud Computing – 2015 Year In Review  
2015-12-31   10 questions to help you evaluate your 2015 #good #reflections
2015-12-27   The Freelancer Generation: Why Startups And Enterprises Need To Pay Attention
2015-12-16   Nice! Point, Click, Deploy: Set Up a Citrix XenDesktop Proof of Concept in a Snap #citrix
2015-12-13   The rise of DevOps: how cloud computing is changing IT application delivery  
2015-12-12   Fantastic News! Microsoft Live Writer goes Open Source! #blogs #OpenSource #OpenLiveWriter
2015-12-06   Virtual Reality Could Generate $70 Billion in Real Money by 2020
2015-11-30   AWS Cloud Services on Track To Exceed $7 Billion A Year #AWS #Cloud
2015-11-30   Microsoft launches PowerApps for programming in the cloud #microsoft
2015-11-29   Apple To Abandon Headphone Jack? Leak Reveals Massive Gamble via @forbes
2015-11-29   Five Use Cases for Linux Virtual Desktops
2015-11-28   How to start Android app development for complete beginners in 5 steps.
2015-11-25   Regarding introverts vs extroverts, please read: #lifehacker  
2015-11-20   Wow! Leaked Lyft Financials Show the Struggles of Being No. 2 Behind Uber – Bloomberg
2015-11-13   Microsoft Pumps $15 Billion Into Azure To Keep Pace With Amazon AWS #cloud
2015-11-13   Wow! Connected Things Estimated At 6.4 Billion By 2016 #IoT
2015-11-11   Very cool article: How A Simple Blog Led To Writing For Forbes, Mashable, and TechCrunch #purpose
2015-11-11   Incredible!
2015-11-11   Interesting insights into traditional vs eBook publishing worlds
2015-11-10   A Growing Trend for Service Providers: Delivering Digital Workspaces
2015-11-05   Very cool!! Kickstarter surpasses $2 billion in pledges
2015-11-03   Windows 10 momentum so far #Windows10  
2015-11-02   Windows 10 grabs 7.94% market share, slowly stealing from Windows 7 and XP
2015-10-31   Microsoft makes it easier to upgrade to Windows 10, even for pirates
2015-10-30   Just saw the segment Motobot @technewstodaytv @AshleyEsqueda One thought:@itsDanielSuarez‘s Daemon & Freedom books!
2015-10-29   Great article and even better presentation on IT operations. IT Ops is a hybrid software engineering/operations rol…
2015-10-29   r2s: Check out dictation MyEcho App at
2015-10-28   Excellent analysis: Making Sense Of The Dell-EMC-VMware Deal via @forbes #iwork4dell
2015-10-28   Good article!
2015-10-09   Edward Snowden May Be the Most Powerful Person on Twitter – WIRED
2015-10-09   Why enterprise digital transformation efforts stall @CIOonline  
2015-10-08   New post: IT Architecture Role Has Changed #IT #technologyadoption #TechnologyManagement
2015-10-07   Love Internet of Things, but privacy will be challenge. Good Article #IoT
2015-10-06   Good Points: The best desktop strategy: Forget the desktop #Win10 #VDI
2015-10-06   New Report:The desktop virtualization market shows no signs of slowing down #VDI #DesktopVirtualization
2015-10-05   New cool iOS App: Photoshop Fix
2015-10-05   Forrester positions XenDesktop as the leader in the VDI market space
2015-09-30   European IaaS adoption set to soar as more IT infrastructure moves off-premise #iaas
2015-09-29   Post: IT as a Business Blog #jorper98
2015-09-28   Gartner’s Hype Cycles for 2015: Five Megatrends Shift the Computing Landscape
2015-09-27   “Everything is a Service These Days” on @LinkedIn  
2015-09-27   Good one: Saw this internally a while back. Glad they placed it out to the public. #iwork4Dell Nicely done…
2015-09-27   Very good: State of the Cloud Union #iwork4dell
2015-09-24   Wow! Did you know? Citrix in last-ditch attempt to sell itself: Reuters #Citrix  
2015-09-24   Personal Post: Virtual Reality: Not only for gamers #VirtualReality
2015-09-23   Good Article: Customer Intelligence\r\nHow to engage millennials in customer insight and marketing
2015-09-23   Good lighthearted podcast: Stories of a group of millennials as they start their lives. #PLISOfficial @PLISOfficial
2015-09-21   A brief History of DevOps
2015-09-18   Doing some research today, and found this.. Came out in 2014, but I think is very relevant today.
2015-09-16   Quote: By 2016, 80% of IT Investments will be influenced by the line of business buyer, and 50% of that will be made by them.
2015-09-08   Michael Dell expects PC makers to consolidate in the next few years #iwork4dell
2015-09-08   The Real Software Revolution? It’s in the Data Center. | Re/code #SmartNews
2015-09-08   Did not expect this! BlackBerry Buying Rival Good Technology for $425 Million in Cash | Re/code #SmartNews
2015-09-07   Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) market expected to be $9.4 billion by 2019
2015-09-06   Interesting: 3 Decks That Explain the State of the World Economy
2015-09-03   Interesting… Citrix: New Migration Tool to Transition from VMware View 6.1 to XenDesktop 7.6
2015-09-03   Definitely worth it!! Hulu finally cuts all the ads if you pay up – CNET
2015-09-03   Microsoft reconsidering publishing Win10 patch information (for Enterprises)
2015-08-31   Amazon and Microsoft just scored a huge $100 million cloud deal that can’t be making IBM too happy
2015-08-28   Did you know? After LA and San Diego, San Jose is the third largest city in California topping 1M residents!
2015-08-25   Very funny story and site!
2015-08-25   Good Quote: 93% of all innovations that ultimately become successful started off in the wrong direction. -Clayton Christensen
2015-08-25   Apple said it would be replacing iPhone 6 Plus cameras that take blurry photos
2015-08-22   Listen to The Board of Advisors In Your Mind  
2015-08-22   Great idea: How to use Dropbox’s handy new browser-agnostic bookmarking feature
2015-08-22   Wow. Venerable retirement! Sign of the new order: Intuit puts venerable Quicken up on the block
2015-08-20   Great Series of Articles on #Windows10 deployment options and EMS  
2015-08-20   MDT 2013 Update 1 released! It now includes support (ADK) for Windows 10!
2015-08-20   Windows 10 Insiders alive and well! New release out.
2015-08-18   Windows 10 usage/adoption faster than Windows 7:
2015-08-18   The platypus also known as the duck-billed platypus is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia.
2015-08-12   Good article: How Microsoft’s $15 billion cloud bet ended up at the center of the company
2015-08-12   Symantec to sell Veritas for $8 billion to focus on security software  
2015-08-10   Five Reasons to use CRM in your Business
2015-08-06   Producing a Podcast? Read These 3 Decks First
2015-08-06   Microsoft’s Sway storytelling app now available for the new Windows 10
2015-08-05   Windows 10 ADK release and MDT 2013 Update 1 plans
2015-08-05   Love this story: Apollo 11 astronauts completed customs forms for their moon trip – CNET
2015-07-30   What Windows 7 users need to know about updating to Windows 10
2015-07-29   Deploying Amazon WorkSpaces
2015-07-26   Interesting: Flickr’s new $5.99 Pro plan includes Adobe software discounts, better stats, and a useless badge
2015-07-26   Well said! The Real Story Is About Business Strategy, Not Technology  
2015-07-23   Good quick read…
2015-07-22   #infinitewp updates all plugins/themes across multiple #wordpress sites in a single click
2015-07-21   How can organizations say ‘yes’ to shadow IT and maintain data security? #Iwork4Dell
2015-07-20   Sounds very promising: The Story of 600,000 VMs #koding #AWS
2015-07-16   The end of another great conference #WPC15 thank you Microsoft!
2015-07-15   Good and timely quote at #WPC15
2015-07-15   Wow! Really good keynote on privacy, cyber-security and the law today by bradsmi at #WPC15 #trustintech
2015-07-15   So many countries, cultures and languages ! Truly a WW representation at #WPC15
2015-07-14   Great session. Partners sharing with partners! #WPC15  
2015-07-13   VDI on Azure: Great presentation from #myCloudIT Nice simplification of the process! #WPC15
2015-07-13   Looking forward to this one! #WPC15
2015-07-13   That has to be the coolest T-shirt I have seen at #WPC15
2015-07-13   Very cool tech at #WPC15 called Emulator. By a company from Argentina! Need to find out more…
2015-07-12   Not a great picture, but THE money slide for the session with @jensieger at #WPC15
2015-07-12   Great first session: Building a profitable cloud business with Microsoft at #WPC15 . Very good advice.
2015-07-12   Beginning the week ahead at #WPC15. Looking forward to it.
2015-07-09   Food article on wearables: :
2015-07-08   Google adapter puts your Chromecast on wired networks via @engadget
2015-07-08   Great explanation! — What happens to a video file when you upload it into Office 365 Video  
2015-07-07   I’ve walked 8525 steps with Pacer today! #pacerstats
2015-06-28   The Netflix startup story (video)
2015-06-28   Good info: A close look at why the tablet market isn’t coming back
2015-06-28   Selfie sticks banned from Disney parks:
2015-06-27   How Your Business Can Overcome Its Fear of BYOD
2015-06-27   AWS June Webinar Series – Getting Started: Lowering Total Cost of Ownership with AWS
2015-06-27   Microsoft forced to explain who really gets Windows 10 for free
2015-06-27   How to Be ‘Pitch Perfect’: 5 Essential Elements for Your Pitch Deck
2015-06-27   XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 Reference Architecture on AWS | Citrix Blogs
2015-06-27   Good resource: Citrix New Enablement Training Site
2015-06-25   Windows 10 content from Microsoft Ignite -from Sebastian Klenk’s Blog
2015-06-18   Good article: Software is a Service: Evolving business models in a cross-platform, multi-device world
2015-06-08   This new site keeps track of failed startups and why they flopped
2015-06-01   good one!
2015-05-26   Chromebook Sales Predicted To Grow 27% This Year, To 7.3M Units via @techcrunch
2015-05-18   Cloud deployments mistakes to avoid!!
2015-05-17   How a Podcast Is Born [Infographic]
2015-05-17   The one thing Bill Gates understood immediately but took 20 years for Steve Jobs to realize
2015-05-13   Great piece: Amazon opens up about AWS revenues | ITworld  
2015-05-13   Microsoft announcements from its annual Ignite conference
2015-05-13   Dell Delivers Hyperconverged XenDesktop Appliance #iwork4dell
2015-05-05   Nicely said: Why Consultative Selling Doesn’t Work |
2015-05-04   Interesting: Why you should pay attention to Microsoft’s Windows 10 revenue deferral | ITworld
2015-05-04   RIP Orchestrator, Long Live Azure Automation!
2015-05-03   I loved this visionary TED talk on digital abundance and inversion
2015-05-01   Funny, but serious stuff (everything is changing): The Internet of Cows: Pedometers get dairies mooovin’
2015-04-30   Phablets Are Eating Phones And Tablets
2015-04-30   Citrix XenApp vs VMware Horizon – User Experience | Citrix Blogs
2015-04-29   Great article: Containers vs. virtual machines: How to tell which is the right choice for your enterprise | ITworld
2015-04-29   Amazon opens marketplace for business customers  
2015-04-28   Apple $194B in cash in mind-blowing!!
2015-04-28   This is how Internet speed and price in the U.S. compares to the rest of the world via @NewsHour
2015-04-27   I love this!! TV maker Vizio may finally get paid after beating 17th patent troll | Ars Technica
2015-04-26   Very cool: US drone completes first in-flight refueling  
2015-04-26   You can now run Android apps on a Mac or PC with Google Chrome
2015-04-26   You can now run Android apps on a Mac or PC with Google Chrome
2015-04-23   Microsoft’s Nadella describes his subscription dreams as company reports revenue growth | PCWorld
2015-04-20   Great explanation on how cloud services disrupts traditional IT Lifecycle.
2015-04-18   Virtual desktops built into Windows 10:
2015-04-18   Microsoft’s betting big on cross-device universal apps, but can it deliver?
2015-04-18   Good article…The Good & Bad Of BYOD via @DarkReading
2015-04-16   MDM in Office 365 – TechNet Blogs
2015-04-11   What’s the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint? via @365ninja
2015-04-09   Amazon does it again! Yeah! Very cool:On-demand apps by the month — Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager (WAM)…
2015-04-06   Good Article: This Brilliant Pyramid Outlines The 6 Steps To Financial Success
2015-04-06   Cool device specs… Intel Compute Stick Mini PC  
2015-04-06   Very interesing findings: Predicting The Future Of Cloud Service Providers
2015-04-06   Good one: Infographic: How to secure the unwired workplace – Tech Page One #iwork4dell
2015-04-05   Good article: Demystifying Microsoft Office & Office 365 Pricing – Tuts+ Computer Skills Tutorial
2015-04-05   VMware Horizon 6.1 comes with big upgrades, tiny name change
2015-03-31   Very cool…
2015-03-23   Great story…How Paul McCartney and John Lennon Lost Ownership Of The Beatles Catalogue | Celebrity Net Worth
2015-03-21   Box office revenue split article…
2015-03-12   Alibaba Invests $200 Mil In SnapChat; CSO Imran Khan Is Key To The Deal  
2015-03-11   Looks like a cool trip:
2015-03-07   Microsoft launches free preview of Office for Mac 2016  
2015-03-05   Very cool: Etsy files for $100 million IPO
2015-03-05   Airline reward program changes, no longer promoting loyalty
2015-03-03   I am not surprised: Google+ officially splits into Photos and Streams. Hangouts separates as well.
2015-03-03   Great Article: How to explain the current state of the EMM industry to non-EMM people – via @brianmadden
2015-03-01   Cool: 238,900 people and $22 billion in wages from tech industry in Washington… via @seattletimes
2015-02-28   Interesting… Twitter introduces TweetDeck Teams to make managing accounts easier
2015-02-28   Microsoft has everything it needs for Intune and the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to take off!
2015-02-28   Microsoft App-V 4.6 End of Mainstream Support  
2015-02-26   Good one! Office 365 and Mobile Productivity: Capabilities and Constraints
2015-02-20   Scams that affect the eldery. Unacceptable. Listen to this podcast. Well done @replyall Talk to your parents!
2015-02-17   Very cool… Five A350 XWBs together in flight:
2015-02-16   Good analysis: Microsoft’s Recent Success In Cloud Computing: Why It’s Worth Taking Note
2015-02-16   Good reading: how a gang of incredibly patient hackers stole up to $1 billion from banks around the world
2015-02-14   Interesting stats: Dell KACE K1000 Takes the Lead on Chromebook Management • The Virtualization Practice #iwork4dell
2015-02-12   Samsung SSD rock! @SamsungSemiUS #FRSAMER #SamsungSSDs
2015-02-08   Good blog post. Well stated reasons.
2015-02-06   Interesting: Microsoft buys Sunrise, the best calendar app for iPhone and Android #microsoft
2015-02-04   Big Data: Untapped potential – Tech Page One #iwork4dell
2015-01-31   Very good process! The Design Sprint — Google Ventures
2015-01-31   Windows 10: a closer look at the future of Microsoft’s vision for PCs
2015-01-29   Citrix to axe VDI-in-a-Box as company restructures
2015-01-29   Eight common pitfalls of VDI and how to avoid them via @rightrelevance thanks @dabcc
2015-01-27   Amazon continues to reach into your server room
2015-01-24   Something to keep in mind: FileRun – PHP File Manager


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