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Latest Tweets: 2009-05-10

Tweets for the last couple of weeks:

04/27/09 18:43:33 At MMS2009: MED-V shuodl be treated as a v1.0 product.
05/05/09 17:03:58 McKinsey Cloud Computing Report: Is it too expensive?
05/06/09 01:51:33 Found Twitter app for my Palm-based  Treo device.  MOtwit.
05/06/09 04:18:40 Somehow I missed the news: Apple releases iPhone OS 3.0 beta 4 to developers.
05/07/09 04:56:55 Virtualized clients announced at Citrix Synergy 2009; Intel vPro keynote.
05/07/09 05:47:13 For books that are available on the Kindle, sales are already 35 percent of the same books in print.   That is a fact! –
05/08/09 16:25:14 eWeek’s Microsoft Watch blogger Joe Wilcox no longer posting. Sorry to see him leave.  – No postings since.
05/08/09 16:50:20 Using Digsby for IM, Email, and Twitter –
05/08/09 18:34:28 Managing Clients in a User-Centered World – MMS2009 Keynote speech by Microsoft (Fast forward to minute 21 or 22)
05/08/09 19:34:36 Posted new entry on MMS2009 Conference to InfraOps blog.