Tweet report: 2010-03-15

My latest tweets:

03/01/10 17:08:48 jorper98 is actively looking for  a new  “gig”.    Open to recommendations, ideas or thoughts.
03/06/10 17:54:31 Like – Good list of Firefox Add-ons. http://bit.ly/a4o9WP
03/06/10 18:10:57 “Apple’s iPad to be released April 3” @ http://bit.ly/9oaiGO  Are  you going to wait ?
03/06/10 18:23:51 Mobile phones: “Apple is playing defense, and Google is playing offense.” via Cnn http://bit.ly/8X6AIx      Microsoft where are you?
03/06/10 22:00:05 Good blog post: “A Couple of Things We have Learned on Refunds” via A51dev http://bit.ly/cehpCS
03/07/10 20:06:42 Google buys DocVerse -real time sharing, group-editing and versioning of Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word doc..”   http://bit.ly/ccRfzO
03/08/10 15:55:19 New details on Microsoft’s Courier tablet. Same OS as the Zune HD, with an ETA of Q3/Q4.   – http://bit.ly/cFn2XQ
03/09/10 00:58:25 Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer talked about “the cloud” at the University of Washington on March 4.  http://bit.ly/9OZVN1

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