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12-28-2014 Good one! Roundup Of Cloud Computing And Enterprise Software Predictions For 2015
12-24-2014 How to track Santa’s route on Christmas Eve
12-22-2014 Some projects I’m working differently on @Elance:
12-21-2014 21 tools that will help your remote team work better together
12-19-2014 Enterprise Tech Predictions For 2015 By VCs – Business Insider
12-17-2014 Microsoft’s Xim app now shares photos to Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox One | The Verge
12-17-2014 Fantastic article on #docker: The Potentially Pervasive Impact of Docker
12-12-2014 Good article: The Cloud Workspace, Part 1: DaaS by Any Other Name?
12-12-2014 Microsoft Azure RemoteApp points to a bright cloud filled future. | Citrix Blogs
12-12-2014 Setting appropriate desktop virtualization goals
12-11-2014 WONderful! It could be me! #starbucksforlife
12-04-2014 This is a game changer.. VERY cool… Microsoft’s Azure RemoteApp app-delivery service available December 11 | ZDNet
12-04-2014 Great insight into twitter as a startup…Twitter employee No. 51’s exit interview is an eye-opener via @theoldreader
12-03-2014 The Internet of Things to bring a new economic boom | ITworld
12-03-2014 Chromebooks displace iPads in US classrooms for the first time
12-03-2014 Update Rollups. System Center
12-03-2014 Release: VMware Workstation 11 and VMware Player 7 Pro
11-30-2014 This is what you should expect from enterprise software in the future via @VentureBeat
11-30-2014 This is what you should expect from enterprise software in the future via @VentureBeat
11-25-2014 Dell and Intel Move to Take IoT Lead with Silicon Valley Effort #iwork4dell
11-21-2014 Netflix now accounts for 35 percent of overall US internet traffic – The Next Web
11-20-2014 AWS 10 cool new Amazon cloud features released this week
11-20-2014 Gigaom Research: The Business Rationale for Cloud Workspaces.
11-19-2014 Good article:: Adapt to the end of ‘imperial IT’ or risk becoming irrelevant – TechRepublic
11-18-2014 Very cool! — ‘Lyft For Work’ an employee perk!
11-18-2014 Good article to keep in mind for #aws 25 Best Practice Tips for architecting your Amazon VPC
11-18-2014 Good open share by an Dell Exec: Q&A: Dell Software president on the journey from hardware #iwork4dell
11-18-2014 This is like #MokaFive VMware is completing their product line! Virtual desktops go local with VMware Horizon FLEX
11-17-2014 Interesting stats in the report… Amazon takes on Oracle as it looks to improve 25% market share
11-17-2014 This might be big landscape change! Facebook Is Said to Test Workplace-Collaboration Tools – Businessweek
11-17-2014 Microsoft: A Platform Agnostic Company – Yeah! |
11-17-2014 5 New Productivity-Boosting Mobile Apps for Business
11-08-2014 Good article on trends ! #gartner #trends
11-07-2014 Wow! $7.4B Nice!!– Congrats to the Concur Team : SAP to Buy Concur to Boost Cloud Sales – Bloomberg
11-06-2014 Closing keynote: Leaders in disruption, inspiring a new way of thinking #iwork4dell
11-04-2014 Interesting: America’s most-hated airline creates ‘State of Hate’ report
11-03-2014 Airplane Seats: How Far Will Airlines Go?
11-03-2014 Good Data: Global Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Market to Grow at 28.7% CAGR Till 2018
11-03-2014 Global Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Market to Grow at 28.7% CAGR Till 2018
11-02-2014 Compare Citrix XenDesktop vs VMware Horizon – Infrastructure Upgrades | Citrix Blogs
11-01-2014 Microsoft Stops Selling Windows 7 And Windows 8
10-26-2014 Windows 10 security features beefed up to lure CIOs
10-26-2014 The Inside Story Of A $1 Billion Acquisition That Caused Cisco To Divorce Its Closest Partner, EMC (CSCO, EMC)
10-26-2014 Good one: 23 seldom-used ideas for how to utilize Twitter lists
10-26-2014 Nice move…Twitter buys Twitpic’s photo archive to keep it alive
10-25-2014 As early adopter of @Bitcasa=BIG fan. Price increase for less storage+failed forced upgrade+terrible support=LOST CUSTOMER. #bitcasa SAD
10-24-2014 A podcast series about what happens when someone who knows nothing about business starts one. It’s called StartUp.
10-21-2014 Have learned a lot about new Microsoft’s Azure features (Resource Manager) at #AzureConf Looking forward to the next set of sessions
10-20-2014 Good explanation from content creator POV. Good issues raised after #Microstopped Thanks @elithecomputerguy
10-17-2014 Good webinar on XenApp 7.6 Upgrade – You got questions, I got answers
10-16-2014 As Windows 10 downloads hit the 1M mark, what can enterprises expect from it? @FierceCIO
10-14-2014 One of the best interviews I have ever heard! Thank you! @jason and @chamath Must listen for my kids.
10-14-2014 Moka5 Launches Project SkyNet
10-14-2014 Fun / funny article to read: How to Discover the Hidden Benefits of Your Product
10-14-2014 Good Article: How Side Projects Saved our Startup
10-14-2014 Just signed in to #Bufferapp – We shall see how this works..
10-12-2014 Chromecast Now Lets You Use Your Own Photos As Its Wallpaper
10-07-2014 Google to Open Campus for Entrepreneurs in Madrid
10-07-2014 Hundreds Of Bluetooth Beacons Secretly Track New York City Passersby
10-02-2014 What’s the Difference Between My Photo Stream and Camera Roll?
10-01-2014 The Best VPN extensions for Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers – gHacks Tech News
09-30-2014 Best inside I’ve found on TV shows fees… Great inside by the posters! #explainlikeimfive
09-27-2014 Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn), Beta 1 preview
09-26-2014 Very topical stll today! What FACEBOOK and GOOGLE are Hiding from world.:
09-25-2014 Paper: VMware Horizon 6 Reference Architecture
09-21-2014 Nice!
09-18-2014 Dropbox upgrades API for its lightweight app databases
09-18-2014 iOS 8 Features: Here’s Apple’s Full List of Changes You Can Expect
09-18-2014 Miracast in Enterprise Environments
09-16-2014 Henry Ford and Bezos’s Law Signal it’s Time to Ditch the Datacenter
09-08-2014 Good one to read: POC vs. Pilot vs. Production | Citrix Blogs: via @CitrixBlogs
09-07-2014 Michael Dell’s Must-Read Business Books Right Now via @MichaelDell via @Inc
09-07-2014 New post: Tweets for January to August 2014 #jorper98
09-07-2014 New post: Tweets for May 2013 to December 2013 #jorper98
08-30-2014 5 reasons a small Windows tablet might be in your future | PCWorld
08-30-2014 Unexpected: The State Of The Smartphone Market
08-30-2014 Interesting read: 8 things you didnt know about Shark Tank.


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