Posting from an Airplane at 30,000 feet.

I am in route home, at 30,000 feet  or moving at 600 miles an hour, and I am writing this article while online on a “fairly high-speed” connection to the Internet while watching the news on DirectTV —     What can be said?

We have come a LONG way from the times in which I was running my BBS with a bank of 12 24kbps modems out of my house…

There are at least 6 people around me that have the laptops on and are connected.  Who knows how many others are  in the full plane  — Most of them are doing email  – I went directly to my blog. 🙂

The service is provided by gogoinflight.com and they just happened to give first-timers a one time free card to try it out. Once I got connected (it took me a couple of times) it was great – the speed was very reasonable – much more that I expected.

I just read  in the latest pctoday magazine (very low tech I know)  that Google is now offering free Internet access at most USA airports until January 15  as marketing give away –

Talk about  a connected society!!

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