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Old School Management or not


I was visiting a client the other day, and right in front of his desk there was a small sign facing the visitor’s chair direction…    (sorry it was too obvious to take a picture) …

Be Brief,   Be Bold, Be Gone…

My first impression: Talk about old school time management!, but as I I thought a little more about it,   what a great way to manage expectations!

I can totally see this working time and time again…

In fact, we have all been at meetings that go on and on without end on sight…  Time management is more crucial today, when we work real time, than ever before in the history of mankind..

A few days before the client meeting I mentioned above, I was discussing with a a colleague the actual cost today’s meetings… Just imagine, not including prep time: :

  • Scenario 1:   5 people x 1 hour  = 5 hours x $average hourly rate =  $$$
  • Scenario2:  10 people x 3 hours  = 30 hours x $average hourly rate = $$$

A more modern / tech approach to the picture in the manager’s desk:

A Meeting Cost Calculator Device

It would be great to have a meeting cost counter which is displayed to everyone on the meeting…    Just before you start, you type in the number of people in the meeting, and the counter begins to display the total minutes/hours and the dollars (based on a corporate average) being spent…  Then at the end,  it displays:  Did you meet the goal of the meeting?  Was is worth $x,xxx ?